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Lilou box is a complete communication box for your DS. It allows you to transfer files with different protocols : FTP and HTTP. It allows you to download or upload files on your private network or on Internet.Lilou HTTP allows you to explore files over internet (similar to your file explorer on your PC). With this, you can download your files, favourite homebrew, video on your ds without extracting your card, micro DS.Lilou FTP allows you to run either a FTP server a FTP client on your DS. With this, you can download your music sound, video on your ds without extracting your card, micro DS … It allows you to transfer files between 2 DS, your computer and a FTP server on Internet.

More functionalities are now included : a wifi free hot spot scanner, a file explorer, a line editor, a RSS reader….

The 1.4 version allows to download at 70 kbps but it fails to 30 kbps and then only a reset of the DS allows to restart with a speed of 70 kbps.  But anyway you can download 30MB with a speed of 70 kbps.

What’s a HTTP Client file browser ?

Definition:An HTTP client will allow you to quick upload files from the web and to explore a http web file structure. With this HTTP client, you will not be able to parse all web pages. My objective isn’t to build a netscape clone. For technical users, I would say it search the href tags and present them as a list. It’s limited but effective. To use it, all you need is an internet access and the Cftpbmrk.txt file on your DS . This is useful to quick download files, homebrews, images, nds video from the web. It’s interesting for user’s that share their files on the web. It’s interesting for developers that have their own http server. ….Tricks : put in your web site, the list of your favorite homebrew. Add the bookmark of your site in Lilou Ftp and then download “à volonter”.

The http Client file browser supported features are :

  • Upload of files such applications, images, document, movies and musics files
  • Unzip files
  • browse a http file structure
  • bookmarks and favorites

Restrictions :

  • the html syntax is quite complex. : so, all web pages may not be correctly parsed.
  • only zip files are decompressed
  • a tiny number of zip files are not compatible (I hope)
  • the extracted files are unzipped on /
  • https and proxy are not supported

What’s a FTP client?

Definition:An FTP server will allow you to share your NDS files with the FTP client. The FTP client shall be a NDS or a computer. All you need is the computer’s name and a user name and password for allowed user. After entering this information into the server, client will be able to transfer files to and from your NDS from other computers. This is useful to save time when you periodically copy files on your card or if you have material problems with your card (extracting, inserting card reduces the live of your nds and your card too). It’s interesting when you developed on your DS, and you have to upload your last file to test it! As for the FTP Server, this is useful to save time, extend nds card life ….

The ftp client supported features are :

  • remote file browser
  • delete, rename remote files
  • upload of files such applications, images, document, movies and musics files
  • on fly compression to speedup upload of files

Restrictions :

  • limited to 200 files on the same repertory
  • sometimes data link connection error

What’s a FTP server ?

Definition:An FTP server will allow you to share your nds files with a FTP client installed on a PC or another NDS. All you need is set the server Ip and declared allowed users. After entering this information into the server, all clients will be able to transfer files to your NDS. With the ftp client a may be a nice graphical user interface , you will be able to upload files, download files, delete files, creation directory, remove directory on your nds at up 96 kbits …. and in zip format too and .

The main functionalities :

  • FTP standards support
  • Intuitive Ftp user interface.
  • Users list
  • Security features
  • Robust
  • manage time-out (2 minutes of inactivity will logout)
  • automatic connection retry (100 % success)
  • more user friendly
  • save & restore configuration
  • zip transfer (level 1 to 9)
  • upload and download files

It works perfectly!! I did’nt find any instability for the moment with my config.

Supported clients : ie6 ( type or bookmark for example ftp://user2:pass@ either it does not connect), fireftp, dosftp, total commander, filezilla…….)

Difference Between FTP and HTTP

The FTP should be used for your private network or to organize your files on your DS. There is many free PC application available on internet. FTP is a two-way system as files are transferred back and forth between server “ds or workstation” and client “workstation or ds”. The FTP includes on-fly compression so more more compressed if the file more accurate is the transfer speed. The HTTP should be used on the Internet. Unlike FTP, there is no way to organize your files on your DS from internet. HTTP is a one-way system as files are transported only from internet to your nds. A HTTP server, from my point of view, is too complex to administrate and does not support on-fly compression.

Others tools

Free hot spot scanner

This tools is useful to search for a free air hot spot compatible with the DS. It scans all AP and found the eligible one and check the ability to access to Internet. So, put your DS in your pocket and when the DS starts to laugh, you are connected to a free AP.

NDS File explorer

Explore your NDS card : delete, edit, view and unzip files directly on your NDS.

RSS reader

The NDS RSS reader reads RSS documents, that contain either a summary of content from an associated web site or full text. Content can include text such as news, events listings, news stories, headlines, project updates, discussion forum or simple even information. With this tools, you will be able to consult the TV program, weather, nds forum… You have only to enters the feed’s link into the reader. The reader downloads the content and present the RSS file content. It’s not a professional tools : html format is translated in text but with a good presentation, support of french caracters, images are’nt presented because (i didn(t have enought time now)…

The ROM and the config file rom1.gif

1. version 1.0 : released version

1. version 1.1 : add load wifi firmware

version 1.2 : correct the nds rss stream for french site

version 1.3 :

  • 200’s of files on for FTP client to display a remote directory
  • ComBoX had a debug tools (in debug menu) that writing details of each AP found to a text file on the flashcart, named cftpwar.txt
  • limitation on very long name removed

version 1.4 : download at 70 kbps

See header

Screen shoot


Colors, colors …..
The limitation or restriction :

  • tested on M3 DS Simply
  • file rename not working (M3 fat lib restriction ?)

I did’nt fixe the upload speed. I have for the moment no idea to optimize the wifi nds lib. If you have some ideas they are welcome ?The user guide is available in blog pages.

Warning warningwarning.gif

Many populars applications that uses the fatlib seems to have files corruption problem : tftp, DSOrganize, …. I didn’t known if it’s linked to the couple wifi/fatlib or to the hardware of micro SD cards. So be aware. I should say : never reset your DS when the application is writing information on your card.

Put your comments in « Your Comments » page. Thanks in advance.


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  1. the webkey not selectable without stylus .

  2. I found the Nds Combox will « stop » reciving the transfering file when I closed up my NDS. Can you fixed this problem?

    Cause I don’t want to consume the power and the screen’s life when the NDS is just transfer a file.

    Thanks for your help.

    by Jing.

    Lilou : i checked with NDS and nothing happend. it never stop the transfer. I add a button to power off the screen.

  3. exactly cxuz when i am downloading i dont want to open up my ds and stand there watching my ds eye to eye when the battery is being drain out.

    PS: so we browser is also good too (cuz it support web download)

    Lilou : ? do you request a power-off on download termination ? what’s cuz ?

  4. Lilou, would you *please* consider adding logging of found AP’s to a text file while using either of the wardriving tools? 🙂

    Lilou, for which usage ? all AP ? give an example of requested file because you will the unique user of such request…

  5. Is there any way for the FTP client to display a remote directory with more than 50 files in it? I would like to check up on my site w/ 100’s of files on it.

  6. Lilou, I just wanted this feature so I would able to analyze it later, without the list being lost when I turn off my NDS.

    The format doesn’t matter, just something simple in a text file as each AP is discovered.

    Basically, it’d just be nice if ComBoX had the option of writing details of each AP found to a text file on the flashcart, like cftpwar.txt 🙂

  7. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

    lilou : i used it every day .. because in less than 10 seconds i have my answers … no need to launch a PC, or used bookmark and wait …. if you have interesting bookmark, i will publish them

  8. Very nice application! I was wondering if the data files CFTPBMRK.TXT, CFtpServer.ini, and CFTRSS.XML can be placed in a sub-folder inside the « data » folder that is at the root of my card. Several other homebrew apps support this. If the data files must currently be at the root, is there any chance of adding this feature to the next version?

  9. Imagine if a preconfigured DS Download Play version of the FTP client was attached to the DS Server. This way, you’d be able to swap ROMs without an access point, and be ridiculously easy for both parties too.

  10. Can’t upload image (pic.jpg) from my NDS.
    Look at the picture from my name.

    My setup:

    Lilou change your client config!! it does not support less than 1024 ports

  11. I’ve been geting that same problem the files change name and corrupt When Downloading and deleting or copying

    lilou : ???

  12. hi lilou,

    this is an amazing application. only i have a problem: sometimes i use your http file browser to download pictures (jpg). most of the time, the quality is shit. there are stripes and blocks all over the pictures and weird colours….maybe you could fix this ?????

  13. You got master mind on box « Lilou NDS communication box, that’s why you could able to write a article like this, hats off mate – keep up the good work.

  14. Bonjour et super ce homebrews,

    Je souhaiterais utiliser les sources pour la liaison wifi en FTP pour un projet personnel. Les sources sont elles libres ? Si oui où peut on les trouver ?

    Lilou : les sources j’ai jamais eu le courage d’en faire un package exploitable, car j’ai modifié les lib wifi, nds … voilà voilà

  15. HELP!
    I am not very knowledgeable.
    I am trying to get combox to work on my DS.
    I can’t seem to get any wifi homebrew apps working on it (except for one app that is just for testing purposes. It manages to connect to the AP).

    I have a R4 revolutions card, if that matters.

    I made a separate directory and extracted ALL of the combox files into it.

    when I run the CFtp.nds file the program starts up with a bunch of « Wrong value entry » errors listed in top screen, and a pop up window appears in the bottom screen saying « Wifi config file corrupted. Reinstall homebrew »

    Lilou : use the version 1.4

  16. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  17. Hello !!! ^_^
    I am Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you:)
    Your Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

  18. Pour info, l’éditeur de fichier coince régulièrement quand j’essaie de modifier le milieu d’une ligne existante. Ajouter des lignes, ok. Effacer la fin d’une ligne et la réécrire: ok, mais reculer, effacer un ou 2 caractères et sortir, j’ai ma ligne qui se retrouve tronquée après le texte édité et la fin de la ligne est ajoutée en en-tête de la ligne suivante.

  19. dddd

  20. I have unzipped all the files to my micro sd card but it doens’t work!!

  21. Félicitations pour l’excellent travail avec la Combox. Malheureusement je ne peux pas trouver un lien pour télécharger la version 1.4, qui vous avez fourni ne fonctionne pas. S’il vous plaît, mettez la 1.4 à télécharger à nouveau.

    Merci! Félicitations en provenance du Brésil!

  22. I really love the tool but I have some major problems.
    1. The program find my neighbours access points but not mine. The Nintendo Games DO! And with very high signal strength. The Access Point is open en not encrypted, so I enabled WEB like my Neighbours: no change. I was set to channel 2. I tried a different channel: 04: No change. It could only find my access point when nearly touching my NetGear WNDR3700, but no connection.
    Strange!! Can you fix this!? I hate connecting through my neighbours AP.

    2. If I rename a file with the file browser. The name does not really change and is back to its original name when I check. Do I do something wrong?

    I really love your tool (looks and functionality) but would really like it to work.


    • 1- check again your NetGear setup – may be not compatible with wifilib
      2- i stop the dev on this apps – sorry

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