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source code is available on main page

juillet 21, 2009

source code is available on main page

Reused it as much as possible


version 1.4 is out

avril 26, 2008

download at 70 kbps during a while and then it fails to 30kbps.


version 1.3 is out for jlsoft &

janvier 6, 2008
  • 200’s of files on for FTP client to display a remote directory
  • ComBoX had a debug tools (in debug menu) that writing details of each AP found to a text file on the flashcart, named cftpwar.txt  

version 1.2 is out

novembre 18, 2007

The french caracters are now supported… 


version 1.1 is out

novembre 15, 2007


the wifi config loading is now available (« int firm » button).


What’s on (13 sept)

septembre 13, 2007

I try to integrate this little application in dsOrganize but i decide to abort this task. dsGorganize source code is very specific and in not inlined with my programmation style. So, i didn’t go further.

I decide to close my work by improving the look of this nds application. More color, some tiles and may be sound. The nds libs do not include menu, button … So, i have derived  win2DS code. A good work was done in this homebrew.