Explanation of configuration values

Explanation of configuration values


Edit/check Wifi Setting


 TCP button (WFC, TCP)

  • WFC : use of the Nintendo WFC data. This is usefull if you have already entered, the WIFI in a nintendo game. If selected, it uses the nintendo configuration.
  • TCP : use the configuration defined in this window.

Edit SSID button

  • the AP’s SSID – if you select the « find AP », the ssid will be updated in trying to find an AP to connect to (button Finf AP)

WEP button (off, 64, 128)

  • the WEP key length

WEP keyId (always 1)

  • the WEP used : here only one is used

Edit Key button (always 1)

  •  enter the WEP key

The version button « 0.3.0 » or « 0.3.1 » or …

  • select the WIFI lib you want to use … more higher is the number more recent is the lib

 The button « static IP », « Dynamic IP », « Static DNS » (set DHCP/Static IP settings)

  •  static IP should be used for the FTP server to known the IP to set on the client side. I always use this in my local netweork.
  • dynamic IP should be set if you’re server support it or when you use a free hot spot. When used the server transmits the IP dynamicaly.
  • static DNS should be set if you’re server support it . . When used the server transmits the IP dynamicaly, DNS IP should be setted manually.

Button « autoconfigure »

  • this button requests the server to propose IP values. So the AP should be selected before. The proposed value are usable.

Button « edit IP », « Edit Gateway », « Edit Subnetmask », « DNS 1 », « DNS 2 » are IP values

Button « int firm »

  • this button loads the nintendo WFC data. This is usefull if you have already entered the WIFI configuration in a nintendo game. If selected, it loads the nintendo configuration. They sall be at most 3 nintendi WIFI configuration. So, select it more than one if needed.

Button « find AP »

  •  This button proposes the selectable AP. So select your’s.

Button « Connect AP »

  • This button checks your configuration and verify if you are able to connect to the selected AP. If no, check your configuration values.

Button « Back »

  • Cancel editing

Button Save

  • Cancel editing

Button Restore

  • Restore previous configuration

Edit/check Server Bookmark


Button Min Port and Max Port

  • defines the range of port values that shall be used by the client

Edit port Button

  • define the port number that shall be called by the client

Edit login button

  • define the user name that shall be called by the client

Edit pass button

  • define the user password that shall be called by the client

start dir button

  • define the path on which the client shall be logged

privilege buttons

  • allows or not to (Read File, Write File, Delete File, Change Dir, Delete Dir, LIst files, ZIp transaction)

password tries

  • only xx times of retries is allowed (for intruders !!)

Edit/Check Server Bookmark


Edit name button

  • modify bookmark name

Edit port button

  • set the server port number

Edit login button

  • set the user’s name

Edit Password button

  • set the password name

Edit server dir button

  • set the dir on which the nds will be connected on the server

Edit server IP button

  • set the IP server on which the NDS will be connected

set pasv or activ button

  • set mode passive or active ftp transaction.

set feat ou not feat button

  • if the server does’nt support the feat command set it to « no feat « example free-box »  

set zip or « no-zip » button

  •  if the server didn’t support the feat command, may try to set it « zip » and check if the server support the zip mode

 transaction mode button (file browser « interative mode », « upload », « download »)

  • interactive means to navigate through server file system
  •  upload means to upload a predefined file
  • download means to downloas a predefined file

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