Lilou FTP Server User guide

The Prerequisite

A Ftp client : on PC or MAC or NDS (now it will be possible……)

…. suchFileZilla and the DLDI Chishm FAT file system library.

End User Instructions

1. Patch the ROM

First, patch the ROM. You’ll need two things, a patcher and the appropriate patch for your flash cart, and follow the instruction in this page; copy the rom and the config file in your nds and then start the rom.

2. Launch nds rom

The Wifi acess should be configured as first step. So, you have to enter with stylus the ssid, wifi mode, rssi, the listen channel and more. The MMI is derived from de wifi demo package. Based on my experience, i set up all parameters.· Go on configure Wifi menu, and then on manual configure wifi, then set all parameters, try the connect button and if the Ap connection is successful, save the config… From this point you’re not far from the success..

3. Configure Fillezilla

In the FileZilla menu Click « Settings » under the « Edit » menu to open up the dialog box.Set the TimeOut Detection to 30 seconds or 40 seconds or moreIn the transfer queue menu, disable the option multiple queue.

4. Launch FileZilla ftp client

  • enter the address of the LilouNdsServer into the host field of the Quickconnect bar
  • enter the port of the server into the port field (default 21)
  • enter username (default alain) · enter password (default alain)
  • Click on Quickconnect or press Enter to connect to the server. (Connection window of the FileZilla Options dialog box)6. Enjoy

Browse your nds files, upload files, download files, delete files, creation directory, remove directory at up 96 kbits ….

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