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  1. There is no need to create an account : comments are welcome…

  2. Good work

  3. Finally you are up again keep it up !

    I will wait your next release and hope you clean the code enough to release it 🙂

    See Ya 😉

  4. salut lilou,
    et tout d’abord chapeau pour ton boulot 🙂 très très pratique 🙂
    juste une petite question, pourquoi après chaque utilisation cftp créé t’il un fichier nommé alain.txt sur ma micro SD ?
    Merci d’avance 🙂

    Lilou, c’est exact, je teste la fatlib afin de vérifier qu’elle est marche bien.

  5. tres bien!

    nice work!

    my blog has the same layout haha, but my friend said it looked ugly /_\

  6. This is a very good idea for the DS. Thank you. I hadn’t thought much of it before, but the DS would be a great WiFi scanner. It sure beats lugging a big laptop around the town.

    Release the source code, and I would pitch in what I can.

  7. Hi – Great program!

    Can you point me in the direction of any documentation for the config file. e.g. I notice that the zip option can contain different values, is this compression level?

    Keep it up

    Lilou : use the interface to setup parameters.

  8. Great application – Merci Beaucoup!
    Can we have some more documentation on the config file file options please.
    – what is ClientMode, Feat?
    – what do different values for Zip do?

    – I assume downloaded files should be placed in LocalDir, but they always seem to go to root
    – I assume UserStartDirectory should be current directory on remote server, but it always seems to go to root.

    Please help me understand how to configure this great app.

    Lilou : some server didn’t support the feat command. This command allows to identify the server caracteristics such for example if it supports zip mode.
    Use the interface to modify the config file, it’s more secure.

    So, if your server support the zip mode : set zip on.
    I assume downloaded files should be placed in LocalDir : you’re right
    assume UserStartDirectory should be current directory on remote : i check if it’s a bug
    I add a specific page for the parameters usage

  9. is there any instructions on how to use this nds Combox i cant get it to work i am using smallftpd also?

    what’s happend ??

  10. Can anyone get this working correctly on an N-card or clone? I’ve tried letting the card do auto dldi patching, as well as manually patching, and in both cases it listed fat ok. However, when I try to connect to my AP in the config, it never connects. My M3 lite works perfectly when using the same DS and settings.

  11. Fantastic! Have many times thought to make a homebrew app. that can transfer roms between two DS but I have never had the time, or most important, knowledge on how to do that.

    Great Work!

  12. PS. Could you make it possible to use download play so the other DS can download your homebrew using download play? That would make the program even greater! DS.

  13. awesome app! I was using DSFtp but it failed me and I couldn’t even configure the AP it used without needing a DS wifi game. Way to go, and I LOVE the wardriving tools on there.

  14. Freakin awesome !! Thank you

  15. tu nous gâtes, Lilou. Et avec les sources, en plus. Je me réjouis de jeter un oeil à ta manière de programmer…

    En plus je sens que l’éditeur de texte et l’explorateur de fichier va être redoutablement efficace. Avec un petit module « retour à Moonshell » ou « reset software vers le menu d’accueil du linker », ça deviendrait un concurrent redoutable pour le moonshell, justement.

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